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 Price List Information

Slide and Negative Collections:

Color Slides: scanning is 2:00 each  -  This includes sizing and color correction. Scans are at  2400 dpi producing the ability to make a larger print from the slide - all slide images are placed on a CD, USB or Memory Card - (Minimum of 20 slides for this price)

35 mm Negatives: the same as color slides!   

Negatives: scanning is 3.00 each for 4x5 or smaller negatives,  4.00 each for 5x7 negatives and 5.00 each for 8x10 negatives. This includes  placing each image in a negative preserver (glassine envelope), numbering them and saving the file. Minor touch-up, contrast control, & color correction for color images is included. Scans are at 600 - 800 dpi depending on the negative size and requirements.

Photographic Printing:  for ordering of my images or printing of yours:


                              Size            Price                  

                              5x7            15.50                                       

                             8x10          21.50                                       

                             11x14         32.00                                      

                            16x20         74.50


                  Larger Prints are available - please call for Pricing!

                             JPEG Pricing is noted on the Home Page

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