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 James Speer Negatives - JS

The following information is listed as a guide. This information was not on the negative envelopes, but contributed by informed RR enthusiasts!

JS001 - DL&W/L&NE Crossing at Augusta, NJ. DL&W Train.

JS002 - DL&W Streamlined 4-6-0 at Newton, NJ

JS003 - DL&W Paulinskill Viaduct at Hainesburg, looking west toward Delaware Water Gap

JS004 - DL&W West end of Roseville Tunnel

JS005 - DL&W looking east at Roseville Rd. overpass, Andover, NJ. Roseville Tunnel in distance.

JS006 - Appears to be DL&W Sussex Branch. Location??

JS007 - DL&W Passaic River Drawbridge at Lyndhurst, NJ on the Boonton Line

JS008 - DL&W at Mountain View/Wayne at Rte. 23 overpass?

JS009 - DL&W Boonton Line station at Paterson, NJ

JS010 - ???

JS011 - DL&W Station at Athenia (Clifton), Boonton Line

JS012 - DL&W Newton, NJ armstrong Turntable

JS013 - DL&W possibly at Newton, NJ?

JS014 - DL&W/L&HR Crossing at Andover Jct. Building is L&HR.

JS015 - Not certain if this is a view on the DL&W looking north at Andover Jct. or at the NYS&W            Crossing at Hyper-Humus.

JS016 - DL&W Camelback 4-6-0 at? Possibly Newton, NJ

JS017 - DL&W Camelback 4-6-0 at Newton, NJ

JS018 - DL&W taking water at Newton? (Thumbnail is different than full pic)

JS019 - DL&W Station at Blairstown, NJ on the NJ Cutoff

JS020 - DL&W Station at Glen Ridge, NJ on the Montclair Branch

JS021 - Unknown location. Could be on the Sussex Branch or Gladstone Branch

JS022 - DL&W. Unknown location

JS023 - DL&W MU's at unknown location

JS024 - DL&W Boonton Line Station at Towaco, NJ (Montville)

JS025 - ???

JS026 - ???

JS027 - DL&W at Dover, NJ westbound

JS028 - DL&W on New Jersey Cut-off near Andover, NJ

JS029 - DL&W at Washington, NJ eastbound

JS030 - DL&W Station at Washington, NJ on the Old Road

JS031 - ??? Could be at Washington, NJ?

JS032 - Another unknown grade crossing

JS033 - DL&W MU's at ??? (Somebody should know this one!)

JS034 - DL&W at ??? (Again, a big DL&W fan should recognize this bridge)

JS035 - DL&W Roseville Tunnel on the NJ Cut-off

JS036 - DL&W Roseville Tunnel on the NJ Cut-off

JS037 - DL&W at ???

JS038 - ???

JS039 - DL&W Camelback 4-6-0 at unknown location in electrified territory

JS040 - ???

JS041 - ???

JS042 - DL&W, likely somewhere on the NJ Cut-off

JS043 - DL&W Camelback #873 after wreck at Cranberry Lake, NJ, 9/15/1927

JS044 - ???

JS045 - Paulinskill Viaduct at Hainesburg, NJ

JS046 - ???

JS047 - DL&W 4-4-0 Camelback on armstrong turntable at Branchville, NJ? (note kids helping)

JS048 - DL&W at unknown location

JS049 - DL&W on the Sussex Branch near Augusta, NJ?